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The Exposyum SMIDEX is one of its kind. It offers a complete overview of intelligent identification and detection systems, industrial security, early detection of danger, risk minimization, facility management & life protection. Central to this is the focus of the exhibitors on technology and services, highlighting USPs and moving away from the presentation of as many exhibits as possible. The customer should be provided with a differentiated and unforgettable visit experience. At the same time, the SMIDEX concept meets the wishes of many exhibitors: «More marketing, lower costs»


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«Uns gefällt der Exposyum-Gedanke aus Networking, Wissenstransfer als auch Unternehmenspräsentation zu vernünftigen Kosten und sehen dieses Format als wegweisendes Veranstaltungskonzept.»

Dr. Markus Müller, Geschäftsführung, Wagner Schweiz AG


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